Here you will see actual examples of content in the Learning Library, what its purpose is, and what it is NOT intended for. You’ll also see some information about the weekly webinars, Casual Friday, that constitute the main building blocks of the knowledge base we’ve curated for you.

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What Its Purpose Is

The purpose of the Learning Library is to empower medical practitioners by educating them on the advances in alternative health care backed by rigorous medical science, Functional Medicine, enabling them to provide better care to their patients. (Show more about Functional Medicine)

What Its Purpose Is NOT

Yes, Biogenetix sells professional-grade nutritional products, but the Learning Library is intended to arm you with cutting-edge knowledge, not advertising information about our products. We are confident that as you learn more, you will also become interested in our products and free support.

Samples of the Learning Library

Here are some examples from the treasure trove of knowledge, insights and best practices that you’ll have complete access to.

Our Weekly Interactive Webinars

Every week Biogenetix hosts a live webinar called “Casual Friday.” These topical video presentations become the buidling blocks for most of the Learning Library.

Casual Fridays cover a broad range of subjects, from basics to deep technical dives. They are informal and digestable Functional Medicine education presented using graphics, charts and statistics, with actual cases reviewed, and all backed by the relevant supporting medical literature.

About Dr. Brad Watts (Throw down credentials, years of experience, number of cases, etc.) He is the head of our Clinical Consulting Team and primary host of Casual Friday.

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