Experience Nutrition Uncompromised

Adding nutrition can easily expand a practice while simultaneously optimizing patient outcomes by supporting treatments with properly researched & tested formulations. Biogenetix carries a full line of high-quality turn-key nutrition kits to assist with the four main types of patients that a practice will encounter.

                          1. Degenerative/ Arthritic

                          2. Neurogenic Pain

                          3. Inflammation/ Weight Loss

                          4. Focus/ Cognitive Decline

The Regenerative Kit, Pain Support Kit, Metabolic Clearing Kit, Cardiovascular Support Kit, and Brain Box are comprised of Biogenetix’ supplements paired together to help patients fighting one or more of these obstacles. Even better is the ease to incorporate these kits into a practice with little commitment and minimal overhead. The hardest part is handing patients the kit.

Each kit is designed for plug n’ play nutrition meaning simply plug the kit into a treatment plan, allow the patient to follow the instructions on their own, and watch as outcomes continue to improve. Biogenetix even offers drop ship for account holders, removing the need to even carry any physical product. Just point, click, and it will go right to the patient’s front door. You can’t get much easier than that.

Biogenetix strives to produce the highest quality supplements on the market. Our products are made using modernized formulas without any rice base utilizing pure powder instead of granulated raw materials for greater clinical response due to often higher potency. We know this because EVERY batch of Biogenetix supplements are triple tested by government organizations, not third-party independent labs. Biogenetix also requires allergen statements from every raw material supplier. All of this and Biogenetix continues to have competitive pricing in the supplement market.

This video from Dr. Brad Watts goes over the benefits of adding nutrition to a practice and why you should be experiencing Nutrition Uncompromised!

Our products are carried by licensed professionals to ensure proper consultation for product usage. These supplements & turn-key kits can’t be found at the local store or on Amazon. Only with Biogenetix approved practices. Start adding Biogenetix to your supplement regiment and begin taking nutrition seriously.

For licensed nutrition & medical professionals please click on the practitioner button below to learn more about adding nutrition to your practice, our wholesale pricing, and gain access to the Learning Library with a vast amount of resources on issues facing many practices today.

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The door to better patient outcomes with premiere nutrition is wide open, time to jump in!

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