Biogenetix is proud to offer innovative, high-quality nutritional supplements which are manufactured with the highest standards of purity and safety. Biogenetix starts with a formula designed with sound research. Each product is carefully monitored at every stage of production to ensure the delivery of a finished product that lives up to the demands and needs of today’s health care practitioner.

Our products provide doctors with the wisdom of nature. Our formulas are based on a union of science and nature. Science allows us to understand nature so we can combine different plants and elements from different geographic regions together for the best nutritional results.

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.”

– Hippocrates


Nutrition, plus the knowledge and application of nutritional protocols, is key to enhancing healthcare today.


Provide the best nutritional products so that practitioners have the best tools to support the health of their patients.

Our Manufacturing Process

Biogenetix products are manufactured in a U.S. FDA registered facility with standards which far exceed cGMP and FDA requirements. With strict measures and tight control over our own manufacturing, our laboratories produce high-quality products with reliable potency.

Biogenetix creates formulations based on cutting edge scientific literature and clinical experience. Supplements are tested and verified to ensure the exact potency for the patient. The vision of high-quality supplements that do not contain common allergens was put into reality by Biogenetix.

Our Leadership

Dr. Eric Huntington
Chief Executive Officer

Health care visionary, co-owner of three business consulting firms. Consummate health care professional and national speaker / nutrition advocate.

Dr. Bobbee Palmer
Chief Marketing Officer

Chiropractor and Marketer who has launched six highly profitable business ventures. Expert at developing, harnessing and refining sale conversion funnels.

Ian Pires
Chief Operating Officer

Twenty plus years of experience building companies though organization and administration. A passionate problem solver and trusted adviser.