With our Clinical Consulting Team, Biogenetix brings 30+ years of Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition knowledge and experience directly into your practice. This service is invisible to your patients and is always available to you. The CCT’s purpose is to support your treatment, efficiently educating you on understanding the lab-tested physiology, what the results mean and suggest the treatment strategies they indicate.

Lab Testing Video Reviews

You will securely receive Video Reviews after you’ve sent us your patient’s lab results from Evexia (or other lab). In each case, these videos will go over the test results, educating the practitioner on the values in the test results, showing their orders of importance by highlighting the noteworthy markers (which speak to individual values), and the combination values (which indicate potential conditions; such as blood sugar issues, thyroid conditions, etc.).

Each Video Review will conclude with an example protocol, indicated by the results, that a practitioner can evaluate in determining a strategy for treatment.

This is an excerpt of a sample Video Review to give you an idea of the support you’ll receive from the CCT for each testing phase.

Treatment Q&A Services

If you have questions about a case, you can email the CCT and we’ll get back with answers within 24-48 hours on business days. The answers will come in the form of an email reply or, when needed, a follow-up video.

Educational Guidance Call

We’ve all come across the rarer cases where a phone call with a subject matter expert is the best option to sort out some of the confusions or issues blocking a case from moving forward. Biogenetix can schedule a phone appointment for these unique situations.

Our Goal Is to Make It Effortless

Getting started is easy. As a qualifying practitioner, you’ll have immediate wholesale access to our exceptional products, guidance from our knowledgable sales staff, and the expert support from our Clinical Consulting Team.

Just start by creating a Biogenetix account and we will walk you through everything you need to get setup with minimal time and effort. From there on we will continue to assist you every step of the way.