This is a step-by-step look at how Biogenetix could work in your practice. It shows a scenario for the initial implementation of our products and support services, but it’s also the core process for each case and protocol continuing forward. You’ll see the extreme level of support Biogenetix provides your practice to make it more successful and actually help your patients, with ease and certainty.

The Initial Conversation

Whatever the health conditions indicated by the patient in their intake form, you’ll start by talking to a new patient or existing patient about adding nutritional support to their treatment, addressing and supporting their physiology from the inside out. This starts with a Basic Blood Screen to identify the contributing factors behind any condition, and can even discover as yet unknown issues.

Our Learning Library has videos that take you through best practices and idea starters for communicating with patients about functional medicine, its processes and protocols. (Quickly create a free account for access to these videos.)

The Follow-up Consultation

Once the labs results come in, you’ll forward them to the Biogenetix Clinical Consulting Team. Within 1-2 business days, you’ll get your Video Review and then formulate your protocol.

You’ll then meet with the patient and go over the lab results, their markers and combinations of concern, explaining the hierarchy of concerns and the Root to Fruit concept.

You’ll present the personalized protocol you have created, explaining the 3-phase approach and, later, the patient retesting for the key markers that need to be moved back into optimal range.

The Patient Starts the Protocol

Once the patient receives their product and instructions, a visit takes place to explain what all the products are, when to take them and what diet plan to put in place. This can easily be done in office or via telehealth.

Any question that arises that you can’t answer, email your Biogenetix rep and you will get your answers within 1-2 business days.

Periodic Checkups

You’ll schedule checkups with the patient during their Phase 1 and 2, handling any questions or concerns, as well as validating their progress, and arranging their retesting when it is due.

Often, when patient volumes increase, our practitioners bring on FM Health Coaches or Dietitians to assist in managing patients on their protocols to nurture compliance so they can achieve the best results.

Retesting & Refining Strategy

The patient is retested and the treatment strategy is refined based on the results. You (or the Coach) will follow-up with the patient to discuss the protocol and dietary adjustments for their Phase 3.

The patient continues through Phase 3 and then the cycle repeats, restrategizing to address any other markers of concern.

This process of testing, refining and restrategizing protocols is outlined in The Wedge Approach page.