Turn-Key Nutrition

Nutrition programs find optimal success when they are both easy to use and keep the patient involved. Take it out of the practitioner’s hands and put the power into the patients. Biogenetix has developed five turn-key nutrition kits that are designed to pair with specific treatment programs to maximize results. Ranging from cognitive decline to regenerative therapy support, these turn-key nutrition kits fit into a variety of treatment plans.

It’s as simple as handing a patient the kit and letting them do the rest. With easy to understand instructional booklets & videos, the Biogenetix kits guide patients with a finely tuned regiment developed by the medical professionals behind Biogenetix.

There aren’t dozens of tests or hours of consultation needed. Turn-key nutrition is designed to make the life of the provider easier while giving the patient what they demand: nutritional approaches that work. The nutrients that are crafted into the Biogenetix kit programs are Tier 1. Third party independently verified batch testing, published on our own website, ensuring a foundation of purity and integrity. 

Turn-Key Nutrition is here to stay. You won’t find these kits on Amazon. The public can’t buy them from their cousin. We are 100% committed to delivering pharmaceutical grade nutritional kits to providers, period. 

Look over the turn-key kits listed below and find out how they can turbo boost your treatment goals today!

Biogenetix’s Regenerative Kit is a nutrient-based program designed to enhance Amniotic Allograph Therapy. The Regenerative Kit is a uniquely designed and well-rounded nutrient based program, designedto support many of the underlying mechanisms that commonly lead to joint deterioration, pain, and inflammation. In addition the nutrients contained in the kit provide necessary cofactors for joint rehabilitation, as well as maximizing the effectiveness of amniotic allograph therapy.

Biogenetix’s Pain Support Kit has been diligently crafted to support the body’s NATURAL pain relief mechanisms. Clinical researchers have identified the “pain switch” located deep within human physiology. The Biogenetix Pain Support kit facilitates the activation of that pain switch by supporting your body’s natural ability to dampen oxidative stress, by increasing clearance of inflammtory molecules and modulating pain transmission. Biogenetix is offering an alternative to opioid technology by targeting the root of chronic pain.

Biogenetix’s Cardiovascular Support Kits are nutrient-based cardiovascular support programs.The Cardiovascular Support Kits are unique and well-rounded nutrient based programs, designed to support many of the underlying mechanisms that commonly trigger and antagonize cardiovascular disease. Borne out of clinical need, the Cardiovascular Support Kits provide many of the necessary nutrients needed to support cardiovascular health. Biogenetix offers two versions: a Basic kit and a Deluxe kit.

Included in the Metabolic Clearing Kit is a specific food plan, complete with menus and recipes, that is anti-inflammatory in nature. In addition, this comprehensive program will support the liver, gallbladder, and intestinal tract in their ability to eliminate toxins and support the body’s restorative capacity. Developed through extensive clinical research, the Metabolic Clearing Kits give the nutritional support necessary to reduce inflammation, normalize metabolism, reduce body fat, and enhance digestion and liver function.

The Brain Box is uniquely designed to provide nutrition to support the health of structures related to optimal memory function. The nutrients contained in this kit provide targeted support and have been shown in medical literature to enhance cognitive function, including memory. Each product has been formulated to provide optimal dosing strategies. Our herbal blends provide a multifaceted approach to patient care by combining therapeutic agents into compound blends rather than traditional single-nutrient single-action supplements.

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