Regen Support Kits

The Biogenetix Regen Support Kit is a nutrient-based program designed to support human cell and tissue product interventions (HCTP). The Regen Support Kit is uniquely crafted to participate in the body’s ability to disrupt many of the underlying mechanisms that commonly lead to joint deterioration, pain, and inflammation.

In addition the nutrients contained in the kit provide necessary building blocks for healthy joint tissue as well as maximizing the effectiveness of HCTP intervention.

Pain Support Kits

Biogenetix’s Pain Support Kit has been diligently crafted to support the body’s NATURAL pain relief mechanisms. Clinical researchers have identified the “pain switch” located deep within human physiology.

The Biogenetix Pain support Kit has been diligently crafted to support the body’s natural pain relief mechanisms by accessing what researchers have dubbed “the pain switch” deep within the nervous system.

Metabolic Clearing Kits

Developed through extensive clinical research, the Metabolic Clearing Kits give the nutritional support necessary to reduce inflammation, normalize metabolism, reduce body fat, and enhance digestion and liver function. Included in the Metabolic Clearing Kit is a specific food plan, complete with menus and recipes, that are anti-inflammatory in nature. In addition, this comprehensive program will support the liver, gallbladder, and intestinal tract in their ability to eliminate toxins and support the body’s restorative capacity.

The Brain Box

The Biogenetix Brain Box is uniquely designed to provide nutritional support for the health of underlying structures participating in both memory and focus. The nutrients contained in this kit provide targeted support and have been shown in medical literature to enhance cognitive function, including memory. Each product has been formulated to provide optimal dosing strategies. Our herbal blends provide a multifaceted approach to patient care by combining therapeutic agents into compound blends rather than traditional single-nutrient single-action supplements.