Biogenetix strives to produce the highest quality supplements on the market. Our products are made using modernized formulas, utilizing pure powder instead of granulated raw materials for greater potency and enhanced clinical response.

Nutrition Backed By Science

When you partner with Biogenetix, you not only receive the highest quality formulations in the practitioner channel, you also get the support of our world-wide team of researchers, formulators, and product development professionals working from decades of medical science.

Biogenetix products are manufactured in a U.S. FDA registered facility with standards which far exceed cGMP and FDA requirements. Our goal is to provide the best nutritional products so that you have the tools to support the health of your patients.

Our Manufacturing Standards

Biogenetix products are manufactured in a U.S. FDA registered facility with standards which far exceed cGMP and FDA requirements. With strict measures and tight control over our own manufacturing, our laboratories produce high-quality products with reliable potency.

Biogenetix creates formulations based on cutting edge scientific literature and clinical experience. Supplements are tested and verified to ensure the exact potency for optimal efficacy. We’re proud to share this vision of top-tier formulations while avoiding common allergens.

  • Smaller, Superior Particles
  • Nutrient Protection
  • Fast-Acting Oral Absorption

Superior Liposomal Delivery

Biogenetix utilizes proprietary liposomal delivery technology that harnesses the smallest, most stable, single-layer spheres on the market, made from the highest-grade ingredients available for our liposomal delivery. In addition to exceptional absorption rates, nanospheres have demonstrated the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, deposit their cargo intracellularly and enhace lymphatic circulation of nutrients.

The difference is clear: Biogenetix liposomal products have a clarity that can only be achieved with nano spheres small enough to passively diffuse into the blood stream, offering unparalleled absorption.

Turn-key Nutrition Kits

Biogenetix carries a full line of top-tier turn-key nutrition kits to assist with the four main types of patients that a practice will encounter. Each kit contains Biogenetix’ supplements, scientifically researched to pair with existing treatments for patients. Upon registration, access our clinical consulting media database which will detail the patient type and the proper nutritional considerations for each.

  • Degenerative / Arthritic
  • Neurogenic Pain
  • Inflammation / Weight Loss
  • Focus / Cognitive Decline