Biogenetix is committed to making nutrition work for you and your practice. Our unparalleled products are backed by science and the expert know-how of our Clinical Consulting Team and our sales representatives. Below is a step-by-step look at how Biogenetix incorporates easily and seamlessly into your practice:

Create a Practitioner Biogenetix Account

Create your account by entering your information through our quick 4-step form. Biogenetix only sells products to licensed providers.

Create Your Free Account

Biogenetix Contacts you for an Introduction

Once verified, your account is activated and one of our knowledgable sales staff will reach out to welcome you and walk you through the next steps.

Order Labs for
a Selected Case

If you're new to testing, we will work with you to choose a specific first case and help you order our specific lab panel. We'll walk you through connecting to the Evexia portal, using our promo code to waive any set-up fees and get your Biogenetix-Partner discounts organized.

The Patient Gets Tested

Evexia emails you the lab order, which you then send to the patient. The patient goes to LabCorp (or your own phlebotomist) to do these draws and testing.

The CCT Creates a
Review Video

Once results are posted, you'll download and share with the Biogenetix Clinical Consulting Team so they can analyze the lab and health history. The CCT will record a secure review video for you, the provider, and clinical considerations will be discussed. You'll then connect with your Biogenetix rep and work through any suggested protocols. This review then goes to your Biogenetix rep who will then discuss the markers and suggested protocol, sending you the review video (securely locked to your email address).

Follow-Up with the Patient

You securely download CCT review video for your records and take ownership of the educational material as the patient's treating practitioner. Review, take notes directly on the patient's printed lab results and speak to your patient directly. We want you to be the expert - so just know we're here to support you should there be any questions you aren't sure about!

You answer their questions—any you aren't sure about, just note them down, get them to us and we'll get answers back usually within 24-48 hours.

The Patient Purchases and Starts their Protocol

The patient will purchase the protocol and you'll order the products on the Biogenetix wholesale store—shipping directly to the patient or to your practice for pick up.

You can even establish your own custom dispensary with DoctorSupplementStore for ongoing product purchases.