The “Wedge” represents a process of controlling the patient’s nutrition and enviroment that starts out with broad brush strokes and ultimately leads to fine-tuning of treatment; casting the widest net at first and then refining more and more specifically, based on the patient’s lab test results and progress.

The most immediate way to address common health stressors is by controlling inflammation. It’s like static in the body, it interrupts optimum function of different systems and proper communication between them.

A Sample Scenario

Oftentimes patients have multiple issues—such as thyroid dysfunction, blood-sugar problems or even neuropathy, all at the same time. Using the Wedge approach with Biogenetix products and protocols allows the patient and provider to optimize the intervention strategy by handling the root issues first and fine-tuning over time to handle less-pressing concerns. Here’s a sample scenario.

Initial Strategy

  • Your patient receives their initial lab testing. The results are in, read by the CCT and are consistent with: blood sugar dysfunction, hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and fatty liver changes.
  • A protocol is established, targeting the underlying mechanisms and the most pressing concerns.

Refining Strategy

  • 60-days after initial programming is undertaken, it’s time for lab testing again. The main areas of concern are retested and the results read.
  • Test results reveal progress in all three areas as the associated markers are adapting nicely.
  • The patient’s protocol is adjusted and fine-tuned based on their objective lab data and their goals. Support continues.

Redirecting Strategy

  • As patient’s continued progress is measured via updated lab testing, it is clear their primary blood sugar and fatty liver concerns are being handled.
  • A new area of importance is placed on lifestyle intervention directed at their immune dysfunction: Hashimoto’s.
  • A supplementary protocol is built, lifestyle modifications adjusted, and patient follows the latest plan update.
  • 1st Labs Ordered
  • Patient Testing
  • CCT Review
  • Patient Follow-up
  • Protocol Starts
  • 2nd Labs Ordered
  • Patient Testing
  • CCT Review
  • Patient Follow-up
  • Protocol Adjusted
  • New Labs Ordered
  • Patient Testing
  • CCT Review
  • Patient Follow-up
  • New Protocol Started