Blood Chemistry Series, Part 1

Join Dr. Watts this week as the Casual Friday crew begins a new series walking through the foundations of blood chemistry. This week, the journey begins with the CBC – we’ll be looking at patterns, anemias, and applications as it relates to patient protocols.

More in This Series

  • Functional Blood Chemistry, Part 2

    The second in the very well-received new series on functional blood chemistry, Dr Watts laid out an intro and started digging through CBC testing. This week will be a continuation on the subject and how to recognize different patterns as they relate to both acute and chronic illnesses.
  • Functional Blood Chemistry, Part 3

    This Friday the 13th won’t be terrifying, though we are continuing on the subject of blood work… LIVE! Dr. Watts will be there to remove the mystery and uncertainty behind reviewing test results and how to translate the important markers into informed and effective strategies for your patients.
  • Functional Blood Chemistry, Part 4 (Blood Sugar)

    Join Dr. Watts this week on Casual Friday as he lays out the functional assessment models surrounding blood sugar.