Case Reviews, Part 6

Tune in this week to Casual Friday as Dr. Watts walks through some of your cases—live! Metabolic injury, autoimmunity and some good old fashioned weight loss cases are on the menu.

As always, bring your questions and tell your friends—don’t miss out on the next episode of Casual Friday!

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  • Case Reviews, Part 6

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  • Case Reviews, Part 6

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    This week’s episode will be presented by Dr. Niels Pederson, Functional Medicine expert and member of the Biogenetix Clinical Consulting Team. He will walk us through thyroid cases, give insights on lab result markers for various conditions, and provide examples of strategies and protocols for treatment.
  • Case Reviews, Part 6

    Case Reviews, Part 7 (Lupus)

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  • Case Reviews, Part 6

    YOUR Case Reviews! Part 9

    This week Dr. Watts is back, live, with more case reviews—actual cases from our partner practitioners’ patients. These walkthroughs are an invaluable way to become familiar with reading labs and learning how to form a narrative, how to build a patient program for optimal results, and capture some best practices as he sorts through the ...