The “Optimizing Hormones” Conversation Part 2

Calling all Nutrition Heroes for Casual Friday Live! 11 AM eastern this Friday Dr. Watts will be continuing the conversation on hormones and how to best support patients with quality workup and programming that hits at the root.

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  • The “Optimizing Hormones” Conversation Part 2

    The “Optimizing Hormones” Conversation

    The most recent advances in hormone health is what Dr. Watts will be discussing for this week's episode of Casual Friday! Recent medical literature is chock-full of cutting edge concepts and applications as marketplace demand continues to go nowhere but UP. Own your space in the hormone conversation by tuning into this Friday's episode of Casual Friday!
  • The “Optimizing Hormones” Conversation Part 2

    The “Optimizing Hormones” Conversation Part 3

    Join Casual Friday for the 3rd and final installation in the "Optimizing Hormones" conversation! We've talked neurological manifestations associated with hormone changes, GI clues and this week… we're talking sexual function. Check out the latest assessment models and how improved diagnostics make way for clear, effective interventions that can change a person's life!