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Access to 100+ Hours of Nutritional Knowledge that Enhances your Practice

Our free-to-pracitioner Learning Library has nutritional insight, based upon modern medical literature, that will give you an understanding of Functional Medicine fundamentals. This body of expert content is education that goes beyond our line of products, giving you an understanding of core physiology and nutrition, addressing specific conditions as well as general wellness for your patients.

The Biogenetix
Clinical Consulting Team

If you’re already doing blood work with your patients, or are interested in getting started, our Clinical Consulting Team gives 30+ years of Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition expert analysis for FREE. The CCT’s purpose is to support your treatment, efficiently educating you on understanding the lab-tested physiology, what the results mean and suggest the treatment strategies they indicate.


this 1 minute excerpt of a sample CCT Video Review to give you an idea of the support you’ll receive.

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