Mary Peters, DC

I want to thank you for all the support you’ve provided me as I entered back into active practice. I retired in 2016 due to ill health. After getting better, I went back into practice in February 2023. Then, by accident, I found Biogenetix!

What a blessing you, Dr. Watts and the entire staff have been to me and my patients. I had already completed the Diplomate in Nutrition program but felt I needed more. You all have given me that and more. Functional Medicine and how blood values are explained are invaluable. The Friday Clinical Classes are a bonus and the videos explaining patient issues, the cherry on the top.

You guys have given me a new way to look at toxins, thoughts and traumas and in turn I am able to make an impact on my patients’ lives.

Thank you doesn’t adequately express all that you have done for me! Looking forward to a long relationship with Biogenetix. You have provided me what other nutritional companies tried but failed. Forever grateful!