Michelle Bean, DC

I don’t recall how I came across Biogenix but I can say it has changed the way I practice. The complete Biogenetix Lab Panel, Clinical Consulting Team lab review and recommendations, Casual Friday Webinars, and Learning Library have given me the tools to understand underlying root problems that are plaguing my patients.

My work as a chiropractor is to find mechanical stressors that interfere with spinal health and proper function. I’m finding that it is becoming more difficult to treat people with chronic inflammation. Biogenetix is teaching me how to discover the mechanisms of different inflammatory pathways and how to best manage/reduce inflammatory stressors.

Bruno has been kind and attentive to any questions. The entire Biogenetix team is a gift for doctors wanting to help their patients on a deeper root level.

Much gratitude to Dr. Watts for his ability to take the medical literature and explain it in a way that makes it manageable to learn.

Thank you Dr. Watts, Dr. Pedersen, Bruno, Zeb, and Kim and everyone involved at Biogenetix. I would highly recommend Biogenetix to any doctor wanting to help their patients, friends and family.