Functional Thyroid Patterns Part 2

It’s almost time! Join the group this week for an expanded discussion on function thyroid patterns. Last week we discussed the basics of primary hypothyroidism (along with diagnostic templates), and this week we’ll pull back the curtain on how to assess, track, and support even the sneakiest functional thyroid patterns.

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  • Functional Thyroid Patterns Part 2

    Thyroid Patterns and What They Mean for Your Patients

    Fatigue, brain fog, irritability, weight gain – oh my! Join Dr. Watts this week as he walks through the diagnostics of managing patients with thyroid disease. The dysfunction is in the details and this week’s webinar will lay out the strategies involved.
  • Functional Thyroid Patterns Part 2

    Functional Thyroid Patterns Part 3

    Last week we uncovered 6 more functional thyroid patterns and this week we open the can of autoimmune patterns. Join the crew on Casual Friday and bone up on your diagnostic skills and ability to develop meaningful interventions.
  • Functional Thyroid Patterns Part 2

    Functional Thyroid Patterns Part 4

    If you’ve been following along with Casual Friday over the last month, you’ll know we’ve been laying out diagnostic-how to on your most challenging functional thyroid cases. This week we are finally at the payoff! It’s time to start developing interventions and moving patients forward through targeted, customized protocols.