Crohn’s Disease Part 3

Join the Casual Friday crew for this week’s episode, in which Dr. Watts lays out another case of Crohn’s disease and the functional approach toward wellness.

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  • Crohn’s Disease Part 3

    Crohn’s Disease and Its many Manifestations

    Join Dr. Watts this week as he works through the many manifestations of Crohn’s disease! From mild symptomatic expression to life-altering interruptions, come check out how to organize the FM approach to this increasingly common situation.
  • Crohn’s Disease Part 3

    Crohn’s Disease Part 2

    Join Casual Friday this week for the follow-through on FM approaches to supporting patients with Crohn’s disease. Last week Dr. Watts walked through foundational aspects contributing to IBD/Crohns, and this week we’re going through your cases! Don’t miss this detailed walkthrough of “what to do and when”!